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Massage Services
Please let your therapist know of any recent injuries, medical conditions or sickness prior to your service.
A custom blend of Swedish, deep tissue and pressure point work will induce complete relaxation. This Massage will promote circulation, enhance lymphatic drainage and relieve tension cause by stress, back pain & stiff muscles.

30 mins   $55
60 mins   $85                
90 mins   $105                
120 mins $160             

Deep Tissue
An intensive technique ideal for relieving sore tight muscles and working out deep kinks & knots.
30 mins $65
60 mins $95                     
90 mins $115                    
120 mins $180                 

Designed to bring you back to life, Reflexology is the ancient art of accelerating the flow of  chi "Energy" to the body, which achieves a state of balance and harmony. This self-indulgent treatment is the ultimate relaxation to relax tired hands/feet, combining Reflexology to revive not only you but also your spirits.

30 mins $45
60 mins $70             

A massage using techniques designed specifically to ease the discomforts of pregnancy, improve circulation and promote well-being for both mother and baby.
Not recommended before 12 weeks, Physician or Practitioner approval 7months and after.

30 mins $55
60 mins $85                       
90 mins $105                        


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